Sunday, April 18, 2010

What is more popular - jogging or running?

Running vs jogging is a surefire way of sparking a debate, especially online. As for the difference, there are many theses out there, some of them particularly humorous. I decided to see what the search engines had to say by putting in some search words. These are the number of results I came up with:

  • running - 379 million
  • jogging - 12.6 million
  • runner - 53.8 million
  • jogger - 3.4 million
  • running - 265 million
  • jogging - 10.6 million
  • runner - 35.8 million
  • jogger - 3.4 million
"running" is a common word with more meanings than simply running as in the physical activity. That's probably why it got so many more hits than "runner". The difference between "jogging" and "jogger" is not as big. In any case, the result is unanimous as per the search engines - "running" is more popular than "jogging".

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