Monday, September 24, 2007

Chasing Kimbia

Came across this interesting site last week: In their own words:
chasingKIMBIA is a blogumentary that documents the lifestyle and training of some of the world's best marathon runners. In the fall of 2006 Matt Taylor lived with the athletes in their Boulder, Colorado apartment as they prepared for the Chicago and New York City marathons. The daily coverage was unprecedented for athletes of this caliber. Taylor's unrestricted access allowed him to provide a personal touch and a unique perspective into the lives of these otherwise super-human athletes.

Check it out. It makes for some interesting reading, especially if you are a runner. I found the entry for September 23rd very intriguing. It talks about the differences in the way Kenyan and American marathoners approach their goal. He gives the example of them trying to run a 2:08 marathon. The Kenyan goes out at a 2:08 pace on his first try and goes as far as he can. First time, maybe he gets to 25K at this pace. The next time, he gets up to 35K. On his third try, he might do 40K. Finally, he gets to his 2:08. On the other hand, an American starts off running a 2:16 marathon on his first try, a 2:13 on the second attempt, a 2:10 thereafter, and finally the 2:08. One is distance-based and the other is time-based.

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